Jeep Fun Facts in Griffin, GA

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Jeep®

Jeep® is well known for having fantastic vehicles for off-road adventures and family outings. However, there are also a few fun facts about the history of the Jeep® brand that you might not know about and that will give you a further appreciation for this rugged brand.

The first model

Karl Probst designed the very first prototype for Jeep®. He designed the military-grade Jeep® prototype in a record-breaking two days and estimated its cost in just one day.

A Purple Heart recipient

Four Marine Corps generals drove a Jeep® vehicle in the Battle of Guadalcanal. During the battle, the vehicle, referred to as Old Faithful, took damage to its windshield and accordingly received a Purple Heart. The military continued to utilize Jeep® vehicles until the 1980s.

Signature lighting

Jeep® models have several distinct design elements that illustrate the power and capability of the vehicles. While these models have had recognizable round headlights for years, the Wrangler had boxed lights for about 10 years up until 1995.

Mail delivery

The Jeep® DJ was the first truck that the United States Postal Service commissioned. In the 1950s, the truck had right-hand drive and was used for delivering mail.

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Jeep Fun Facts in Griffin, GA

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