Mechanic Working On A Vehicle | Cronic CDJR in Griffin, GA

3 Overlooked Signs That Your Car Needs Service

Mechanic Working On A Vehicle | Cronic CDJR in Griffin, GA

If you follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual and pay attention to your dashboard lights, it’s typically easy to know when your car needs service. However, some uncommon car issues are more difficult to notice. Keep in mind the following overlooked signs that your car is due for service, so you can make sure it stays in good shape.

Unusual noises

Every once in a while, drive without music and listen to your car. If your brakes are squealing or grinding when you hit them, you may need to replace the brake pads. If you hear tapping beneath the hood, your engine may have a problem. And if a clicking noise occurs when you turn the wheel, the joints on your front axle may need maintenance.

Strange smells

A wide range of mechanical issues can cause unusual smells in your car. A mildew scent may point to a leak in your air conditioning system or a clog in its drain tube. If it smells like rotten eggs, your catalytic converter may need maintenance. If you smell exhaust inside, be sure to exit your car and get help quickly.

Slow acceleration

If your car is taking longer than normal to reach the speed limit, you may have an issue with your automatic transmission. Be sure to have it inspected so you can resolve the problem before it gets worse.

Notice any of these signs or other indications that it’s time for service? Schedule an appointment at Cronic Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram in Griffin, Georgia, and our technicians will be here to help.

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